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To marry in any of the churches either the bride or the groom must usually:

  • live in the parish, click here to find your parish church;

  • be on the Electoral Roll, through regular worship in one of the churches in the parish;

  • obtain a special licence, this is the case in marriages involving a foreign national or where there is a existing link between the couple and the church they wish to marry in.


Marriage is not something to be entered into lightly and you should begin discussing your plans with one of the parish clergy as soon as possible. The parish office can advise you who best to contact or if you know which of the four churches you would prefer please approach the relevant priest directly.


Please arrange a date with the parish before making any other bookings. For contact details, visit our Finding Us page.


The clergy will help you think through both the practicalities of your wedding but also help you prepare mentally and spiritually for what we hope will be many years of happy married life ahead.


You may have questions about getting married in church and you can find answers to most of them by visiting the Church of England page about marriage.


There is no reason why a church wedding should be more expensive or complicated than a Registry Office Service. Divorcees are welcome to marry in church, and a church wedding creates memories that provide a deep well of strength and hope for the years to come.

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